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Gram first introduced me to pickled green beans as a kid. Imagine a unicorn producing pure deliciousness! It was love at first bite, a staple whenever we went to visit Gram.  My sisters (all 5) and I already had an obsession with pickles, and, pickle juice. In fact, it was often a race to fill our cups with both as soon as dad brought a jar home. Fast forward years later, me, a self-proclaimed critic and excellent judge for brine I would find myself at different farmers markets in search of the perfect all-natural mouth watering brine that would allow for the perfect pickled green bean…CRISP, NATURAL, DILL AND MAGICAL. Finally laying the search to rest I began the process of developing the PERFECT brine. From critic and judge to brine master, there’s an all natural, clean and so delicious brine you’ll believe it actually came from a unicorn and possibly consider slapping your Grandma (just not my Gram), I think Gram will be proud. #ohthatbrine

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